ICF Energy Products and Services

ICF's analyses provide you with critical information to support your decision making

ICForecast, a suite of energy information products and services from ICF International, provides energy market analysis and forecasts that are defendable, repeatable, and backed by credible data sources. In an ever-changing industry, the latest energy forecasts on economic, regulatory, and customer trends are critical business needs to guide strategic planning, resource optimization, and investment decisions. We offer a wide range of information products for the Energy Sector designed to provide the critical information needed to support strategic and operational decision-making. The ICForecast suite provides insight into the entire energy market as a whole as well as specific energy market projections for coal, gas, renewable energy, and electricity. These products provide an integrated view of the complex and interconnected dynamics of today's energy marketplace at the local, regional, national, and international levels.

ICF Insights

Compelling Insights: Analyses backed by strong up-to-date data that help you to make sense of energy markets and frame your strategic direction – Reports are prepared by ICF energy industry experts and provide you with the opportunity to learn more about what shapes their thinking.

Critical Information: How recent trends will shape the energy market – Products are updated regularly to capture the latest energy market developments before they become trends.

Detailed Forecasts: Detailed forecasts with fine granularity, including options for customized add-on forecasts with a focus on specific assets and markets – Interact with an ICF expert to develop specialized reports to fit your particular needs.